5 Recipes for Cooking During Camp

5 Recipes for Cooking During Camp

The first camp trip is upon us! Single, duo or family, camp holidays require little preparation. Here are 5 amazing recipes that go hand in hand with neighborhood fires.

1. Fish papillotes with vegetables

During a camp trip, cooking this recipe can be facilitated to cook over a fire. Simply decorate the foil with fresh fish and add seasonal vegetables.

Camp procedure Fish papillote with vegetables


2. BBQ Chicken Pizza

Here is a pizza recipe that can be prepared on BBQ! Our chef offers a version of chicken and corn pizza, but you can add your own ingredients.

Camp procedure Chicken Pizza on BBQ


3. Lemon risotto

All you need to do to make a successful risotto on campus is a fire, a pot and a little patience. Comforter, this recipe is perfect for the afternoon outdoors.

Camp procedure Lemon risotto


4. A hot dog with a mermaid

What would a camping trip be without a hot dog? Our chef’s updated version, fresh dog with margarine, stuffed with tzatsiki sauce and mustard seeds. Happy summer!

Camp procedure Hot dog with mermaid


5.Brownies as s’mores

There is no better way to end a camp day than to enjoy Smoke … especially when you work in Bunnie. A classic loved by the whole family!

Camp procedure brownies as s’mores


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