5 recipes for the first floor of the year

5 recipes for the first floor of the year

Winter is not yet over, we are already experiencing it. On the menu: Sunbathing, evenings with friends and camping. Outdoor dining is one of the most expensive activities in the summer. Find our five best recipes to celebrate the first step of the year!

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1. Tomato and Roasted Halomi Salad

This summer recipe is the perfect accompaniment to grilled chicken or shrimp skewers on BBQ. This salad, prepared in less than 15 minutes, is just what you need to please your first guests.

Recipes Tomato Salad and Roasted Halomi


2. Fish tacos, mango salsa

This fish tacos recipe is perfect for hot summer days. By placing the items in the center of the table, all members of the family can prepare a meal that suits them!

Recipes Fish tacos, mango salsa


3. Cajun salmon, mango and strawberry salsa

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with this hot recipe. A little spicy, salmon goes amazingly with mango and strawberry salsa.

Recipes Cajun salmon, mango and strawberry salsa


4. BBQ Chicken Pizza

This chicken pizza recipe is one on the BBQ around the table! Perfect for calming down in the afternoon or hosting an emergency visit, it can be set up in less than 15 minutes.

Recipes BBQ Chicken Pizza


5. Thai Salad and Peanuts

Thanks to the addition of red peppers, pumpkins, peas and mangoes, this summer salad tastes great! Light, complete the grill on BBQ.

Recipes Thai Salad and Peanuts


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