7 Mistakes To Cook Pasta Like Italian

7 Mistakes To Cook Pasta Like Italian

Spaghetti, pasta shells, pies … nothing?

not at all! Coincidentally, our Italian neighbors leave nothing to chance: For each recipe, the type of pasta. This is not a simple cocktail, but it is a real treat according to your recipe. B Simple soup (pesto, for example) You prefer the long and thin pasta type Spaghetti, cappuccino, fennel or spicy pasta. For some Thick or creamy sauces (Carbonara, El Ragu…), Spaghetti, tagliatelle, And all the family pasta Ribbon pasta (Language, Papardel…), they will be very good together. B Fried Recipe Guide Along with meat, tuna or vegetables, you can get empty pasta (orechiet, penny, rigatoni, macaroni, konchiigli…) or twisted (farfale, fusili…).

Add oil to pasta water

Many cooks add a drop of oil to pasta to prevent it from sticking. It is useless because water and oil do not mix. The latter is hydrophobic. The correct answer to avoid wasting oil Boil the pasta in plenty of water And not to overcrowd a container of sufficient volume and Inspiration At the beginning of cooking, let the starch melt well.

Do not salt the cooking water

It is not a question of being too heavy a hand, but of Add flavor to your recipe. To cook your pasta like Italian, Take the rule 1-10-100: 1 liter of water, 10 grams of dry salt, 100 grams of pasta. Add this spice when boiling both before and after to make it taste the same. Salt also plays a role in preventing starchy foods from sticking By limiting starch gelatine.

Cover with a lid to prevent overflow

It is a good idea to cover your pan while it is boiling, but remove the lid as soon as you put your pasta in the water. Cause: The starch in the pasta sticks together and forms a foam that prevents the water from evaporating.. Method of detection: Place a wooden spoon on the boxTo prevent the formation of very thick foam. Take the test, it’s magic!

Overcooking the pasta

It all depends on your taste, however In terms of nutrition, Al Dent prefers to cook. The glycemic index increases as the pasta becomes more digestible and… As we will explain in this article, Al-Dente Pasta makes you chew more, which helps to stimulate the sense of satisfaction more quickly.

Rinse the pasta in cold water

Bad idea! By removing the starch, it prevents the pot from sticking And your pasta will stick together.

Remove the cooking water

And Zoe, in the bathroom? Not particularly! This liquid is useful for preparing recipes with soup. Once the pasta is released, place it in your pan (in Italy, this is the order and not at all: the pasta in the soup, not the sauce on the pasta) and Add a tablespoon of boiling water. It contains starch and is a perfect complement to softness. In Italian, even this finishing touch has a name: Spadelata.

Cut the spaghetti

Sacrifice! When the water part is soft, gently push it into the water with a spatula. Another solution: Bake them in a Dutch oven to make them comfortable.

When tasting, please do not cut them with a knife… We wrap them around the fork. Applicants for Italian citizenship may also be persuaded by a spoon to wrap them up.

For more: “We’re going to taste Italy”, by Fran -ois-Regis Gaudri, Alessandra Perrini and Stephan Solier, E. Reproduction, 432 p.m., 42 € Italian gastronomy “Bible”.

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