A father and his 11-year-old daughter prepare recipes for children.

A father and his 11-year-old daughter prepare recipes for children.

In Moulins in the Alier, an entrepreneur started creating a collection of recipes for children. Books he sees in his kitchen with his 11-year-old daughter. And it is already a success story.

He only took one sushi. Draw Stories Only one sushi in the middle of the kitchen in Molins in the alliance. One afternoon in March 2021, we were working on Mackie and we thought of a story about two fish that the witch feared.. Xavier Dutertre and his 11-year-old daughter have now given their lives to an Arab witch. “Raphael loves to cook and we like to read stories at night, cute dolls stories, fairy tales but not monsters! We don’t like monsters.”

Mix two emotions, add complex flavors, sprinkle with lots of ideas, a little boldness and a recipe for Bourbonnaise sauce for kids.

Within twelve months, the father and daughter had already cooked three books. That’s all! “Arabel and Makis Recipes”, “Wow the Dog and Sausage Roll”, “Piou-Piou and Lemon Cake Recipes” “We are growing! And this motivates us to work for others!”In Molins, data analytics is often enjoyed by a person who manages a company. “It reminds me of Raphael. Every night, she would come to see me. I can’t say no, because it’s good to do this with family. »

Roles are carefully defined. Rafael, the cook, prefers the recipe. “Then I want a myth that can be related to the recipe or one of the ingredients.”Engineer Javier explains. For Macy, he was a Japanese witch, a lemon cake, a Spanish witch, and a squirrel, a giant Sicilian named …

A third co-worker came to put the two coins in his head. He is the one who makes all the pictures for the books. “It has a universe full of animals.”Says Xavier Dutertre. “He hides animals in all his paintings. And from this universe, we went back to develop the collection.”

Clemens, a 7-year-old who returns her strawberries, was the first to paint or write books and make final adjustments.

Because the collection is already particularly rich. Each story is divided into worksheets. “It’s a fun tool but also a teacher.”When the phone rang, Raphael was embarrassed and continued with his father. “There is also information in the book about elements and mythology. It is a tool that can be used by school teachers.

Father and daughter sold 300 copies a year. Without the help of a printing house. They take care of the printing and distribution themselves. The collection is currently available at Molins, Volcano, Clamonmon Fringe, and Amazon Bookstores. And connects the audience. “There is a lot of food! We are young! I am 44 years old and Raphael is 11 years old! There is a lot to do if we leave the dish every year!”

We can anticipate some of them. Mentioning them, Rafael suddenly lost her shyness – Spaghetti Bologna and Floor de Cel Bunny! These are his favorite dishes. Sweet word!

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