Baked Calzon Recipe (Mama Italia # 4)

Calzone-filled pizza, folded in half, is very common with pizza in Italian pizzeria. Thanks to our recipes it can be easily prepared at home.

The word “calzon” means “big sock”, which is usually based on mozzarella, covering the item, and there are many variations of these.

Calzon was born in Naples and spread to Rome and other parts of southern Italy.

Recipe for 2 pieces;

For the flour harvest-

20 cm water

6 g salt or fine salt

7 g sugar

350 g of T45 powder (+ a little for work)

7.5 g dry bread yeast

4 tbsp. In s. olive oil

For the soup;

60 grams of tomato paste

2 cents salt or fine salt

1 drop of olive oil

1 dried oregano leaf

To fill;

300 g mozzarella

4 slices boiled pumpkin

10 fresh basil leaves

1 grind black pepper

1 drop of olive oil

preparation :


Pour the flour into a bowl, pour in the dry yeast. Mix.

Pour the water into another large bowl.

Add salt and sugar to the water, mix with your fingers and dissolve.

Slowly pour half the flour into the water, mixing with your hands to mix.

Add olive oil, continue mixing, add remaining flour. Take care with your hands.

When the dough starts to rise, knead the dough into a ball, pour in the flour and continue to knead on the work for 10 minutes, until it sticks.

Take care with the palms of your hands without straining too much. Roll out the flour.

It is ready when it is thick and soft and smooth when touched, without sticking.

Place the flour in a large bowl, cover with a clean kitchen towel and let it rise at room temperature for 2 hours, stirring twice.

Pieces of flour;

After two hours, pour the resulting dough, pour over the flour, work, form a ball.

Then cut the flour in half and roll 300 grams of flour each. Weigh them as you divide the flour.

Roll the pieces of flour into a ball, place in a flour container or tin, cover with a clean tea towel and let stand for 1 hour.


Preheat the static oven to 210 ° C.

First, with your hands, pull out a piece of dough with a rolling pin. Make a disc about 30 cm.

Spread a small amount of tomato paste on a half-floured disk. Add finely chopped mozzarella cubes, then turn black pepper from the mill. Add half of the soup pieces. Add more mozzarella cube. Finish with 4 handfuls of shredded basil leaves. Add a drop of olive oil.

Close in the crescent, press to release the space below the filling.

Press firmly with your fingers on the Calzone edge to fit one edge.

Fold the edges, then make a bead to seal the two edges of the dough tightly.

Transfer the obtained calzone to a parchment-lined baking sheet.

If necessary, spread a little of the calzone to shape the crescent.

Spread a small amount of tomato juice over the top of Calzon.

Place in the oven and cook the calzone for 30 minutes on the stove level 2 (below).

Once cooked, remove from the heat, add a pinch of olive oil and a few fresh basil leaves. Serve hot.

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