Citrus apple or plum, for immediate access!

Citrus apple or plum, for immediate access!

Kythera Apple or Plum
Plains, in fruit salads or rolls, citrus apples or plums are delicious. (Cles Unclesam –

When ripe, apples or citrus fruits (both names are correct) will turn yellowish-orange. As the color of the fruit increases, and therefore ripe, the taste becomes softer and sweeter. You choose!

These fruits usually come from Polynesia And they come from a tree that can reach a height of 20 meters. However, a very weak tree that does not support temperatures close to zero. In Tahiti, for example, it is an endemic species. This fruit is very popular in West Indians.

The art of making Kythera apples or plums

Kythera Apple or Plum
Kittras apples or plums usually come from Polynesia and can grow up to 20 feet[20 m]in height. (© Huguesmoray –

Kita apples or plums are packed with fiber, the core of which resembles a mango. Just peel it with a kitchen knife and cut it into thin pieces following the shape of the hole. Then you can enjoy the field or spice it up with spices such as cinnamon.

It is also great for preparing fruit salads, you can add other unusual fruits or choose to peel the fruit. With chutney, jams, coulis … great.

In salty mode, the sweet taste is very popular in the roe with ginger and kaffir lime or lime.

It’s all about color… Green plums are perfect in mousse or sorbet, in salads. Very mature, lends itself easily to overcrowding.

You can mix it well with vegetable products such as coconut milk and almond milk to make macaroni or cream. Prepare a fresh salad made with parsley, canned or chilli.

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Good for health

on theReunion IslandYou hear about Evi or Zevi, the people of Reion especially appreciate the smell of half an apple-half honey.

Citera apple arrives in 18th West IndiesE Century. It is known for its anti-anxiety properties. Low in calories but high in vitamin C.

We give it to you, it is not easy to find plums or citrus apples in the markets of mainland France, go to the specialty stores or better yet, fly to the West Indies!


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