Country food for the elderly under pine

Country food for the elderly under pine

Due to the epidemic, Christmas food was canceled, and the municipality, CCAS, and President Armele Grosgen prepared this second national meal on Sunday, May 22, for the village elders in Boua.

Everything was in order for the day to be a success: the shades of nature and the shadows on the tables, the huge paella created by Luli, lovingly cared for by the elders.

After a welcome address by Mayor Patrick Benzech, one of the eighty guests was seated with his wife. The others are chosen, scattered on other tables, divided between service and lifestyle.

Gisline Markant reaffirmed this dish with emotion, good humor and humor. Ten teams selected by the participants – Muscat, Les Sigles, Libya, Pan-Pan, Les Mills, Les Redtubs, Les Aquarius, Salade de Fruit and Les Lemurians – were formed.

Unfortunately, only one winner is Les Redoutables by three points. But the important thing was not the victory, but the return of the games of skill, knowledge or memory. A beautiful day where everyone is happy and everyone wants to refresh.

The municipality hosted an open air cinema on June 10 and a free concert on June 18 at the Baroco Trio.


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