Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s from Pizza Hut ፡ Finally eat the crust with the crust

Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s from Pizza Hut ፡ Finally eat the crust with the crust

By Magali Burtin

– Published on May 16, 2022 at 07 00 00
– Updated on May 13, 2022 at 4 ፡ 42 p.m.

We do not want to lie to one another; With a few exceptions, few people like to eat their pizza crust. However, this is part of a much more popular and user-friendly disk experience. Other than that Pizza Cottage never give up. After starting Cheezy Crust, A cheese-filled brand that often lets you start your piece in partnership with Chips Lease Brand. Yes, you did. Pizza Hut and Sleep in the same pizza. We are clearly in the food pornography dilemma and we are not in the health food industry at all.

At first glance, when we received a press release announcing the pizza, we thought it was April Falls. Why pizza with Maltese or even a club sandwich. But our professional conscience prompted us to try this pizza. In particular, he assured us that the chips were not entirely on the pizza, but rather on the pieces and only on the plate, making it clear. About this judgment?

Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s Shell rather than a pizza hut!

Pizza Hut We were served two pizzas, a queen size and a pepperoni with this famous crust. Lays x Cheesy Crust So let’s have an idea of ​​unexpected food. The first surprise: Chips are not salty and taste easy. We obviously fear the strongest and most difficult of things, but in the end Pizza Hut is doing well. Obviously, our stomach is not overly salty and tasteless. Fow!

Another good surprise: the Upper Crisps Really bring a plus for the lamb salad. It is crisp, crisp and brings a cheesy note to the cheesy interior. The contrast is very pleasing in the mouth. For the rest, the classic pizza hat is pizza, nothing changes. A little flat, all the same (or not really): we got very, very fast. Two pieces of pizza were enough to feed me at lunch. And I struggled to finish. However, I generally have a good fork.

Among the editorial staff, the comments were mixed. Only limited interest. No one seems to hate or suck the good news.

To find out which group you belong to, all you have to do is try.

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