Delicious and original recipes

Delicious and original recipes

At the moment our only comfort (or almost all) is food. After going around pasta dishes, soups or vegetable greens we want to try something else. And why not Good pizza ? But not just one. A Homemade And most of all, he is very greedy. The choice to do this is vast. Of course there is the celebrity Four cheese pizza But luckily for him, he is not alone: ​​squash and gorgonzola pizza, goat cheese, honey and nutmeg pizza, cream salmon pizza… One whole taste, sweet and savory, go well with pizza dough. And you don’t have to dress like a real pizza maker. It makes for a simple traditional oven and even a frying pan.

Pizza recipe in pan deceives more than one

The confirmation, skillet pizza It is one of the last. Cooking trends Who buzz on the web. Yes, you are right. It is very possible to make pizza without oven. This is a recipe. Easy And Inevitably. Simply make your own pizza dough or buy ready-made. Place in a hot frying pan, lightly oiled, on both sides for ten minutes, cover and simmer over low heat. Then add the ingredients, some of which have already been browned. A few ideas: Tomato paste, Parisian mushrooms, chopped peppers, mozzarella, Provencal herbs, salt and pepper. Results? To make delicious and fast pizza.

Discover our 15 pizza recipes in our slide show.

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