Find out who the person in her life is: Famous actress …

Find out who the person in her life is: Famous actress …

Every time Valerie Carsenti appears on the screen, we forget about our problems and start laughing. Her boyfriend is so proud!

Valerie Carsenti, her first male fan!

Valerie Carsenti 13 years ago Rain and good weather was working on the M6. Thanks for the well done Indoor shows, She replied to Frederick Borali. Moreover, when we ask them about the bullets, they are very cooperative, and they arouse our curiosity. Their duet seems so credible that viewers often wonder if something is being hidden. Of course, this is not the first time the team has done soObjeko It highlights the good condition of the collection. We want to be a little mouse to attend. Fortunately, we can comfort ourselves by looking at the comment at the end of the episode. And then, calm down! The actress does not want to divorce her real husband for anything in the world. Proof, they do the same job, but on competing channels. Ever since, in addition to public loyalty, the two nobles Lyon and Chaim are two wonderful gifts from heaven.

Theater, the first impression

Valerie Carsenti’s husband was born in Switzerland, not in France. But this is not the only country that can tell the origin. The fruit of the Italian-German couple’s love affair, he decided to leave the nest in the late 80’s. An adult knows what he wants to do as a job. So he goes to Paris and inspires his destiny. This story does not leave anyone indifferent. ” When I was 20, I arrived at Gare de Lyon with a course Florentine address in my pocket. I had three thirds to rent a room. » such as Objeko They often tell you that Rome was not built in one day. He entrusted the work to our staff to pay for the prestigious work experience “Doing unusual things to be saved.” He is not afraid of anything that is ready to do anything to be successful, including those who require a certain amount of experience that he does not have. “Operator, courier, metal detector, salad dresser, etc. They are just the tip of the iceberg.

In 1991, he finally discovered the magic of the stage. In the year before the outbreak, Valerie Carsenti’s beloved was often seen. Whatever the character presented to him, he accepts it without hesitation. If only two projects have to be selected, the team willObjeko Think first The day before the break. He knows all about the actors, so he gives them all. Then note the participant sharing the forum. Winners of the show Large gap He will not be forgotten soon!

Valerie Carsenti in love with PAF Professional

The Seventh Wisdom Valerie Carsenti also believed in man. Fans rush to see S as soon as the dark rooms are reopened.Years you By Sophie Gilmin. Two other giants will be involved, Thierry Godard and Bruno Solo. They have something in common with Fran ፌois Ferroto who was the hero of the TV series!

And yes, PAF is a big family at heart. Since 2005 the public service has not thought much and has given it a role in the soap opera PJ. Valerie Carsenti’s three-year happy reunion with her beloved Maxme Lucas. However, he was not the only one who agreed to wear the controller uniform. TF1 fans noticed and liked it. Julie Lescaut Or in Don’t worry!

This photo is amazing. When the authors of Family scenes asked Valerie Carsentin It works in the following seconds to deliver the message. At first glance, Fran ፌois Ferrototo’s mission seemed complicated. For an actor, though, challenges are a part of everyday life. It’s so simple, they don’t care. For a moment, he agreed to look like a Chinese teacher. Asked by Jose, one does not dare to imagine a smile during practice. Hope it stays in the next issue of Objeko and more!

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