Florette Food Service Updates MacDonald Salads |  Successful vegetables and fruits

Florette Food Service Updates MacDonald Salads | Successful vegetables and fruits

Florette Food Service Agrial Group recently launched two new salad mixes for its customers. McDonald’s France. These compounds have two differences. at first, They follow the seasons in a mixture of “winter” and “summer”. on the other hand, The supply is 100% guaranteed by French manufacturers throughout the year. These fresh salad mixes will be served on all salad dressings and side dishes from PDites Salades from McDonald France from November 23.

Chapter signs

The two compounds have a common base. Batavia, multi-leaf red lettuce and young red sprouts. They are the signs of the times For winter mix, lamb salad and summer mix, arugula. Note the use of lettuce, which is not available in the French market (in supermarkets or food service). Multi-leaf red salad. ” It’s still a margin when it comes to portraying the main characters. Highlighted Sebastien Trippon, Director of Florette Food Service and Streamer, The small leaf is 100% colored and the mild and slightly sweet taste perfectly meets the needs and preferences of the current French consumers. “McDonald’s French salad mixes have already been sold for ten years.” In fact, we hope that these two new blends will last as long as possible.Sebastien Tripon, note, Especially since there are opportunities to change the mixture depending on the taste and availability “.

Hex supply

During the winter, Florette’s food service receives supply from 2 basins Rusilon And in Lawyer Country Out of 17 farmers (9 producers in Rousselon and 8 in Pays de Loire). During the summer, the company receives supplies, especially from 2 basins. Normandy And Pays de Loire (a total of 26 farmers (18 producers in Normandy and 8 in Pays de Loire).

Florette Food Services has long worked with partner manufacturers to implement these new blends. ” it hasMulti-leaved red lettuce, we are strengthening our relationship with producers beyond the traditional varieties. It is a cultural diversity for them, which must bring about improvement. Our contract with them is guaranteed. What we are talking about here is a total of 2500T salad, not neutral Sebastien explains Tripon.

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