Flour chef and cook reveal the secret of a delicious fruit salad!

Flour chef and cook reveal the secret of a delicious fruit salad!

L’Astuce du chef In an interview with RTL Radio’s daily columnist Chef Cyril Lynak, the internet user Gerard reveals the secret to a successful fruit salad.

While thermometers are up to 30 ° this summer, nothing is as cold as a fruit salad. A fruit is rich in vitamins and water, making it an ideal food for summer.

Cyril Lignac recommends picking seasonal fruits

In Her fruit saladCyril Lignak “Save all seasonal fruits” : Strawberries, cherries, coconuts, apricots and even fresh almonds. If we do not practice feeding them this way, they are tasty.

Eating on time It protects the environment, promotes short cycles and most importantly allows you to take full advantage of the nutritional benefits of the fruit. So don’t deprive yourself!

Aromatic herbs in addition to Cyril Lignac for this little thing

To the famous chef “It is the most important juice in a fruit salad.”. The juice in a fruit salad can make all the difference, as is the sweetness of the soup. Cyril Lignac recommends using the juice Include a little Corsican grapefruit and a little couscous fruit for a little touch.

To twist your salad, Also add some fresh grass leaves Such as verbena, lemon balm or mint. In addition to its flavor, fragrant herbs are a true partner for our health. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent and fight many diseases.

To finish and make your fruit salad taste like this, prepare finely chopped fruit, add the prepared juice and finish with a little lemon zest. Now you know all the Cyril Lignac tips for a successful fruit salad. So, on your signs, ready? Baking!

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