Frenchwoman Caroline Maya received the “Pizza World Champion” crown

Frenchwoman Caroline Maya received the “Pizza World Champion” crown

Winning the World Pizza Championship is good. But making in Italy this internationally acclaimed dish is a “country of origin” made by a French woman!

Launched near Lyon in 2017, Caroline is truly crowned (with Chef Aline-Patrick Fauconnet) in April 2022 for gourmet pizza with seafood.

Pizza, Family Matters

“I gave this test to myself because my father was a world champion and the first Frenchman at the World Championships but she is a mother of two children, not a world champion. I confirmed it.

Pizza is a “family affair” for Caroline: “My grandmother made pizza in 1987. She only had pizza à carte. Then she passed the business on to her two children, who continued… And here I am, she smiles. Our family is from Italy and we all come from the restaurant. We’re an industry. Everyone has pizzeria, restaurants. We’re all in there! “

Get the victory story from our partner Brutus in this video.

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