Fruits and Vegetables: A good taste and a holiday for all tastes

Fruits and Vegetables: A good taste and a holiday for all tastes

It was time for a health crisis. The Fruit and Vegetable Festival continues in action for schools and the community.

PAT (State Food Project) is full of activities of all kinds, including a few “flags” of recently engaged cereals; Or, in fact, the “holiday fruit”, in connection with the agricultural department, that is, one thousand fruits every day from kindergarten to CM2 are distributed to small school children. Pat is also a project in which Deputy Mayor Evelyn Gilham has been involved. She points out: “The city got its name in 2018. Pat is divided into several axes: the fruit and vegetable sector development, cereals, food heritage assessment; food waste management, awareness and education on healthy food and quality.” Much of the funding for the intermunicipal level from 2021 is part of the State of France 2030 Rehabilitation Plan.

“The food project aims to connect producers and consumers in short circuits, not locally,” recalls Evelyn Gilham. This is part of the fact that the Fruit and Vegetable Festival, part of the Interfeel Intervention venue from June 12 to 20, will benefit the active support of school children and the general public and La Rawatier. .

Tuesday, June 14

Riquet Gardeners, Always Ready, Welcome, Friday, visiting the gardens of the Fonse-Daudet Preparatory Course, and the Key Fruits. The city’s elementary schools are welcome to Verdue Hall this Tuesday, June 14, with eight workshops, thanks to the participation of several partners: Jardins de Riquet, Cemae, Grain Intervention, Smictom or Biocivam. For teens in kindergarten, the Trois-Pon show’s “Veille au grain… tomorrow will be sunny”, by the company Artemisia. The elders are not forgotten and the residents of Castel are invited to prepare a fruit salad.

Thursday, June 16

From District to Tent: This is a district that guards two classrooms from the East School. Some Castello residents will be welcomed on the farm, while animated by Pierre-Esteve will be presented at the hospital by nutritionist Cynthia Huche and the municipal team “Madame Santé” Jacqueline Besset.

Friday, June 1, 7

Return to Jardins de Riquet for a new activity, this time the Oriental Preparatory Course for Junior High School Students.

Monday, June 20

Manufacturers’ Market with Plus de Verden, recipes, games, quizzes, flavors … A beautiful closing with the sale of fruits and vegetables for the benefit of the AVA Association.

Agricultural Kindergarten

This is one of the activities of the Inter-Municipal Partnership in collaboration with the Council of Agriculture, with the aim of helping and encouraging young farmers to grow, especially in market gardens. This includes providing experimental space on Agrixamps. Communist community Castelnaudary Lauragais Audois is considering land acquisition – with the support of Philip Vernes, president of the Council of Agriculture, for a final test run. It will have a business incubator, a business incubator, and a Cribian basin agricultural incubator.

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