Frutopia: Fruit salad, beautiful?  – News

Frutopia: Fruit salad, beautiful? – News

Today it is a gift. We are burning the cash register, dragging all the stops.

A paradise island with Frutopia, lush gardens, sun-drenched beaches, beaches and colorful boats, intriguing tourist attractions and a delightful hammer far from the factory. Of fruit.

Frutopia: Fruit salad, beautiful?

There is no professional game here, but the problem is from family to adult.

Each player will have a personal board representing their island and a central board where we can find the scoreboard and the layout board.

Trick trackOn your island you will find 5 harvest symbols associated with the various fruits in the game: bananas, lemons, pomegranates, oranges and mangosteen. The beaches, each with its own boats, are waiting for its fruit.

Trick trackPlatform at the starting point.

At each turn, you move one of your harvest tokens (or mobile utility), then you have a choice between two optional steps: offer a boat or buy a utility.

If you have played with the Fruit Juice Factory, you will have the third chance with the movement of one of your symbols on the factory board to search for points.

Trick trackAbove the result track, a fruit juice factory was spotted.

The movement of the harvest tokens takes the good titer principle we have seen in a small turbo car, but not mechanically.

Like a small turbo car, there is no plastic T-shirt or speed bump. Your single tray is a T-shirt. Your harvest sign moves in a straight line, and you collect one fruit at each square crossing. So you need to plan ahead and move on to the open field in order to get the biggest yield possible.

Trick trackA few boats are ready, and the released space allows for a lot of produce.

After that it will be necessary to manage as much as possible the supply of fruit between the supply of boat orders and the investment in development tokens.

The former leaves valuable space on the island and even brings some victory points.

The latter gets a lot of victory points, speeds up the end of the game, but often destroys your island.

And what about the fruit juice factory or ice cream cones that need some fruit to activate their power?

so beautiful! Curmudgeons suggest that the theme is a bit more structured, and the mechanic can work with just about anything. Yes, but the fruits are so beautiful, the material is quality, and the theme is well chosen.

And while it may be easy to understand, mechanics prove to be an interesting puzzle.

Pick the nuts to move, deliver the boat, free up space for more produce, slide growth from opponents’ noses and beards. The game becomes more fun and complex, and the desire to play again is very strong.

Finally, players looking for a partner can have a fun and growing challenge in solitude.

Frutopia is a Christian store game, described by Anica Heller and published by Dip Printed Games, an amazing pastime publisher last year. The French version is a work of art.

1 to 4, 10 years old and can play around 45 minutes.

Author Christian Stohr was a co-author of Photoshop that won the Spill des Jahrez in 2020.

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