General Promotion |  “Fruit Extraction” ፡ How the Combined Fruit Sector Comes Into |  Successful vegetables and fruits

General Promotion | “Fruit Extraction” ፡ How the Combined Fruit Sector Comes Into | Successful vegetables and fruits

This is mentioned, but almost half the words: the group FIAC FRUIT (French Federation of Protected Food Industries), for the first time in a very long time, they talk. This was stated during a press conference in Paris on May 24.

Eat fresh fruits that do not eat fresh fruits

“We throw The “Le Frey N +” communication campaign, Verified Adrian Mary, Fiac General Representative. Restrictions of PNS is not monitored, and fruit consumption is a problem with obesity It continues to grow in France. We believe our products are a great complement to fresh fruit and we want to promote them. “

Eating processed fruits does not really eat fresh fruits. The two classes have been going side by side for years.. Thus, in adults, fresh consumption in 2007 decreased from 109 g in 2019 to 127 g, in 2019 it was reduced from 7 g in fruits in 2007 to 13 g in 2019. “Eating fresh fruits is fresh and fresh.” Ask FIAC experts.

Celine Richonet (Maternal Nutrition Director) It also mentions the 2019 Credoc study : “Children Fruit eaters are already consumers of fresh fruits. We do not come to eat fresh produce, but to prepare delicious meals. Cakes. There is a fruit culture. We want to claim We are an additional part of the fruit “.

Opinionway study to draw a picture of integrated fruit consumers

The Fiac team will meet for the first time in years. “We are just beginning!” It makes Adrin look like Mary. Preliminary study of Opinionway, a study of the needs of the sector, in the heart of France, on prepared fruits. Second: “Gathering market players to meditate and testify on how to communicate.”. The press events are therefore on schedule for the next few months and Fiac is not refusing Prepare the communication plan.

We would like to accept the “extra fruit” response. With more sophisticated fruits, more functionality, more fun, different time and usage and all », It sums up An-Laur Jardin, marketing director for Charles and Alice.

Prepared fruits are already an integral part of French culture, Almost all (98%) say they eat at least one product and more than three-quarters eat once a month. first Opinionway * A study of French compact, canned, shredded, and frozen fruits for the Fruit de la Fick group.

However, there are interesting behavioral differences, He shone Frederick Mitchew, Director of Studies Opinionway. If men and women use it in the same way, there is another side A well-known evolutionary generationYoung people eat less (75% vs. 79%) and older people Sociological differences Eat more than the moderate (82% vs 76%) in CSP + categories. And like other food products, when children live in the family, the consumption of spoiled fruits also increases (85% vs. 76%) ”.

Categories are more popular than others.

It should also be noted in terms of product, variations: Jam and Compost are the most popular and frequently used products (42% for Jam at least once a week), but Canned and frozen foods are often used, even if they are used (Sealed 76% 22% at least once a month; frosted 61% plus 15% once a month).

Consumption patterns

The French are differentiating between consumption patterns. Sweet or savory (52%) especially for women and CSP +, fruit salad (50%) especially for the elderly and plain (45%) especially for young people and CSP +. “However, refined fruits are eaten in moderation in sweet and savory foods (20%), in cereal bowls, yogurt (18%) or jam or spread (18%) or soft (14%).” Frederick Mitchew.

The French have a good opinion of prepared fruits.

© OpinionWay x FIAC

Pratic, economical and healthy: French say the benefits of improved fruits

“The French associate many and varied benefits with prepared fruits: practical, good value for money and good for health.”Frederick Mitchew summed it up.

The practical benefits of processed fruits are known to almost all French people: we can Eat all seasons (92%) and last longer (91%), Swap fruits and increase their consumption (summer fruits, tropical fruits). They are also suitable for the whole family (88%).

Beyond practicality, the French understand Eating pleasure (84%). And in the current context of inflation, two important factors can be identified. Reduce food waste with fixed parts and good value for money Highlights by users (81% and 77% respectively). Health for 5 Fruits (76%) and Nutrition (74%) per day.

Lifts to further increase consumption

“We have also identified a number of ingredients that can be used to further enhance the purchase of processed fruits.Frederick Mitchew emphasizes. The French are on high alert. »

Therefore, consumers are encouraged to buy more refined fruits if offered More information on their packaging (54 %), Especially the origin, composition, production process and production conditions of fruits (29%, 24%, 20% and 19%, respectively). More information about the consumption of these fruits (recipes, nutrition, etc.) inspires 44%.

49% another lift for them Mention an appeal, tag or certificate (Quality label for 29%, organic for 25%, Siqo d’origine for 24%)

Finally, they want 34% Point increase (Nutriscore for 26%, local scale for 15%). ” this is A growing trend among young people and even more so Only 24% of French people want only 15% of the total. »

Purchase picks identified.

© OpinionWay x FIAC

*Method. A survey of 1,000 French people 18 years of age and older on Opinion Way conducted a survey of French perceptions of compost, canned fruits, pots and frozen foods. Regarding gender, age, socio-professional category, aggregation category and residential area according to the quota method. The interviews took place on March 23 and 24, 2022 in the CAWI (computer-assisted web interview) system. For every 1,000 people sample, the margin of suspicion is 1.5 to 3 points.

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