Healthy, light and vegetable pizza dough

Healthy, light and vegetable pizza dough

The secret ofGood pizza It also holds in the flour! Soft, crunchy, thick, fried … there is something for everyone! What if we could do something new by choosing a completely different recipe?

Vegetable-based pizza dough

It is not easy to make, pizza dough (sometimes) has the ability to spoil our pizzas. at home ! And when – for general reasons – a Gluten-free pizza dough, Frustration often leads to temptation! The alternative? Simply replace pizza dough!

Whenever there is a change in vegetarian diets and gluten-free diets, there are many options for preparing one. Pizza dough ! Opportunity to satisfy the fans of this most popular recipe but more restricted diet followers!

How to make pizza without pizza dough?

Bet on garden-based events! The most famous? Cauliflower pizza dough (mixed with 1 whole cabbage, mixed with 2 whole eggs, salt, pepper and oregano) – a popular option for nutritionists. Gluten free -, but recipes based on zucchini, sweet potatoes, lentils etc … Another option to try? Oat flakes to make a healthy and easy recipe. Finally, we consider the zero headache option: a piece of watermelon! Decorated with tomatoes, basil and feta for a delicious beginner or apricot or a delicious pizza edition with seasonal fruits simply sitting on top of the most refreshing and original summer.

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