Honey with dried fruits for the holiday – freedom

Honey with dried fruits for the holiday – freedom

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This week, we are working on a small grant for the holidays. This Monday, honey with dried fruits.

As the holidays approach, it is time to present small gifts, which we can give to guests for Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve. With dried fruits we start with honey at a very early stage. First, select some beautiful small pots (either the olives, mustard, jam, and chickpeas used this year) and labels (purchased at a ready-made store, printed on sticky paper from the internet, or if you are the type of hand. Stuck on). Then it is very easy.

You will need six to eight jars: 500 grams of fine liquid honey (do not use cream or honey), but all the flowers (pine or wild honey can be a little stronger, depending on your taste. People who want this gift); 100 grams of almonds; 100 grams of hazelnuts; 100 grams of walnuts; 100 grams of cassava seeds; 100 grams of pecan seeds. You can also use boiled and dried coconut, raisins, sunflower seeds…

Bake the dried fruits in the oven (place on a plate for eight to ten minutes in a 180 degree oven) or in a saucepan. In any case, be careful when roasting, as dried fruits can burn like caramel if left unchecked.

Place them in each pot, right up to the edge. Fill the jars slowly, to prevent overflowing, allow time for the honey to drip between the dried fruits, and allow air to escape. Let it cool well. This dried fruit honey with yoghurt or cottage cheese, with a very sweet fruit salad (eg orange salad with cinnamon or cardamom), with brioche, pancakes…


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