How to grow watermelon successfully?

How to grow watermelon successfully?

Like watermelon, watermelon is very popularCitrullus lanatus) Or melon, round or long, green or yellow skin, cracked or torn, can be eaten all summer. This annual fruit grows easily in the garden and has the advantage of satisfying thirst during the summer.

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This Gourd It is easy to grow with a few meters of attractive trunks, whether planted or planted. Weeding and watering are key points for successful production. Fruits with a lot of waterWatermelon is easily eaten, e.g. WatermelonIn a fruit salad or sorbet.

When to grow watermelon?

There are 2 times to sow. Watermelon :

  • From March and this to April, places in the pot, under the shelter or under the frame;
  • During the month MayYou can sow seeds directly in the garden.

The sowing time according to your region and b Climate.

How to Grow Watermelon

Here are some steps you can take to begin the procession.

Sowing seeds under cover;

  • Choose scoops or terry;
  • Fill with special soy sauce, great!
  • Make holes at a depth of 2 cm and place the seeds (individually or 2 to 3 seeds in a pocket);
  • Cover lightly with clay soil, then tamp;
  • Water is easy.

Keep the cups or terry warm, in a room at a temperature of 20 ° C until mid-May. Remove soil regularly.

Sowing seeds in the garden;

  • Make the ground very loose;
  • Enrich it a little Rotten Rotten;
  • Place 2 cm deep, one watermelon per meter;
  • Soil cover;
  • Bending the floor;
  • Water.

Watermelon plants can take up a lot of space, so place each plant at least one meter and each row at a distance of 1.50 meters. After 15 days, the first leaves of plants appear. After a month of sowing, you can cut down the plants to keep only the best. Either you plant them in large containers while waiting for planting, or you plant them directly in the garden, if it is not afraid of frost and the soil is warm. If you keep the plants warm, do not hesitate to adapt them by opening the frame on a good day or exposing it outdoors.

When to plant watermelon?

You will appreciate these fruits Heat So wait until the temperature rises above 20 degrees Celsius The sun. Rich and well-drained soil is recommended because watermelon is greedy so plan this work before planting.

Beginning in May or June, you can plant watermelons directly in the garden or on the porch of a large container in the northern part of the laurel. Porch.

How to take care of watermelon?

They do not like competition. Weeds Place regularly. Watermelons need a lot of water to grow, so they need to be watered regularly to keep the soil dry and moist.

Pruning is not necessary but it is possible to preserve only a small part of a good amount of fruit. After the plant has 2 to 3 leaves, pinch the main stem (between the thumb and forefinger) and touch the top 2 stem.E Sheet. Afterwards, do the same thing over 4 timesE Leaf on all trunks. Finally, repeat the operation over 4 timesE Leaf on sprouted trunk. Pinch more than 2 after the fruits have maturedE To keep only a dozen fruits that will grow properly after the fruit.

When to collect watermelon?

After fully utilizing the sun, the well-ripened and juicy melons are selected from June to September, depending on the local and regional variety. Count about 5 months between sowing and harvesting. It is best to choose melons with cracked or dry stems.

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