I stopped eating sweets for a month and that is what happened

I stopped eating sweets for a month and that is what happened

Suspicious looks, encouraging words, and embarrassing smiles were more than usual, they were grumbling more and more, as if to escape me.

Then there are the innumerable “why” that show the general misunderstanding facing such a test. Why do sweets stop somewhere else? Because I wanted to reduce my sugar intake 4 times a day.

When I started this “30 days without sweetness” test, I did not measure the effect on my diet. Although it did not alter my diet – and fortunately – I realized that this “last step” of the diet was a real contribution to our diet.

If the dessert is not necessary in the diet itself, it can provide fruit or dairy products, as part of a varied and balanced diet.Dr. Cory Chicheportortich: I see, a nutritionist explains. On the other hand, everything depends on what is ‘delicious’. ”

What do we mean by sweet?

Before you stop the sweets, I had to explain to myself what this word means. I decided to use the broader definition, “everything that tastes after the main course,” including cheesecakes and desserts, since I believed that inspiration, and 30 days would be just normal.

Larousse describes it as the “final part of the meal” and seems to confirm this universal view of the dessert. Unsurprisingly, the last part of my pre-test dinner was a chocolate square in front of the TV. Stopping for 30 days is not too complicated…

For Dr. Chicheportortich: I see, the dessert also includes what to eat after the main course. But the word is broad. “It can be a fruit, which contains vitamins, natural sugars or fiber, which are essential for digestion. Or for example, dairy products.”. But they are also considered sweet treats, chocolate creams or pastries, which bring more happiness than any diet.

Stopping sweet foods: My feeling

And this is the idea of ​​happiness that I lost at the beginning of the test. While I was finishing my lunch on the first day, I had to leave the room while one of my colleagues was having fun with a piece of tiramisu.

Quickly, I felt sick with diabetes, fatigue, frustration … even though I ate fruit in the morning and around 5pm. Therefore In the next few days, snacks will be the “gourmet” meeting of the day.

Snacking can be a great option to balance your meals throughout the day”, Doctor: The dietitian intervenes. “It especially allows you to control your hunger and not eat before dinner.” But if we stay in a fruit, a handful of almonds or a square of chocolate, because His call is not to replace the sweetness of two sweets at once.

A few days later, after the main course, I realized that I was not really hungry.. The real disadvantage was a little sweet taste to conclude, in my head, the end of the meal. So, a little coffee as a refreshing, I drank time to get out of the habit.

Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. And that should be 7 or 8 times or 60 meals in 30 days “could have had sweets”.

The # 1 benefit of sweets is a measure of happiness

When we talk to Dr. Chicheportortich-Ayache, it seems we are touched hereOne of the basics of sweets and food in general: happiness. “It is important to keep this amount in the diet,” said the nutritionist. “Sweet” is the taste that drives the reward cycle in the brain. And Who Wins Rewards Satisfaction Satisfaction – A method that has been well-supported since childhood.

In addition to its sweetness, sweeteners can be added to the diet by providing vitamin A and C and fiber, calcium or good fats. The key is to do it. They vary in dosage – so sweet – and most importantly to your body to listen And send messages of hunger and satisfaction.

And this is the “30 Days Without Sweets” test that really changed my “automatic” relationship with sweets. Because obviously, before this test, I always ate sweets for lunch and dinner, even though I had no appetite. According to Dr. Chicheportich: Many people think that there is no such thing as a perfect meal. And I was part of that. Not to mention the social weight in the food, which means that if we are generally invited to a place, we force ourselves to taste the food served.

It remains to be seenBefore eating sweets, it is important to ask yourself if you are starving, happy, or simply reacting.. If the first two options are sustainable, the third will make us rethink our relationship with food.

It’s been two and a half weeks since I stopped eating sweets. balance sheet? Now I try to take a break for about 5 minutes between my dish and my dessert to ask my appetite. And when I finally don’t get hungry, I turn my stomach into a snack.

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