Lobster with vegetable butter and bisque spaghetti – Moroccan women

Lobster with vegetable butter and bisque spaghetti – Moroccan women

Follow step by step this delicious lobster and spaghetti recipe presented by Chef Fuad Zorgi, chef at the Hivernaj Hotel and Spa chef and all tables.

4 lobsters, 400 grams each
1 kg of spaghetti

For biscuit day
Fragrant decoration
2 kg shellfish heads
120 g mushrooms
40 g of celery stem
180 g onion
2 heads garlic
1 pack of pasta cones
2 slices of bird pepper
2 fresh tomatoes
3 tbsp. as if. S. Tomato focus

Cream :
1.5 dl liquid cream

For the final decoration :
120 g canned tomatoes
60 g of vegetable butter (butter, leafy greens, lemon juice, salt, pepper)
1 drop of olive oil


For biscuits and spaghetti: Add fragrant ornamental sweat and shellfish head. Then soak everything in 1.5 liters of water and cook for 30 to 40 minutes. Mix, strain, add the cream over low heat, strain the spices and place in the fridge. Drain and soak the spaghetti in it, pick it up. “Al dente”.
For lobster : Cut the lobster in half lengthwise. Place the butter on a lobster and bake for 5 to 6 minutes. Then place the biscuits in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Then add the pre-made al dente spaghetti. Adjust the spice if necessary. Arrange the spaghetti under the pan, placing the two lobster halves on top. To finish, add the chives and canned tomatoes and drizzle with virgin olive oil.

(Hosted by Chef Fuad Zorgi, Chief Executive Officer of Heavernaj Hotel and Spa and all the tables du Marche du Royaum)

Executive Chef
Fuad Zorgi

Chef Fuad Zorgui is the chief chef of the Highlands Hotel & Spa and All Tables Du Marche du Roume. He is a graduate of the Institute of Hotels and Restaurants, having trained at an Italian restaurant in an Italian restaurant. Paris with the best chef in France: Jean-Michel Perucho. He passed through the Palmeira Golf Palace Hotel, Sofitel Marquets Kitchen and finally stayed at the Hyvernaj Hotel and Spa since June 2006. Creativity and above all leadership.



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