Make red fruit vinaigrette like Top Chef to add pepper to your recipes

Make red fruit vinaigrette like Top Chef to add pepper to your recipes

This is the key to changing your recipes: red fruit vinaigrette. Find out what the nominees presented in the Top Chef yesterday, but also our recipes!

Last night at the Top Chef, two candidates offered their last chance on the theme of red fruits, vinaigrette to taste their food. This idea immediately misled us and led us to share our recipes for Red Fruit Vinaigretts, so that you can treat yourself like the Top Chef Judges!

If this red fruit idea deceives you, you can find other recipes with Raspberry in our. April Magazine! A little taste Recipes to go Being able to know : Fry fish per minute with raspberry and raspberry vinegar ; Sardines chopped in raspberries, but also (there we are already salivating), tomato salad with burrito, raspberry vinaigrette.

Vinaigrettes appeared in the top chef.

Lucy and Logan offered two vinaigrettes to enhance their meal at the Top Chef last night. Lucy was able to arrest Tartarus. It was made up of many different things. Red fruits and coconut oil. Hazel oil softens the red side of the fruit. But also a little lemon.

On the Logan side, we find the amazing fruit mustard double in Vinagret. A bold mix with Pep! To achieve it, Explains Logan. It uses strawberries, balsamic vinegar (a little sweet vinegar), olive oil, mustard and salt and pepper. It’s a children’s game, but the result is amazing and makes all the difference in green salads, with fish tartar, scallops carpacio and meats like foie gras.

Our recipes for red fruit vinaigrettes

Did Top Top Chef Candidates Make You Want Foods? Here is a recipe for a Raspberry vinaigrette that goes well with goat cheese salad, duck breast, poultry or scallops.
A little + : Add a little lime (like Lucy by Top Chef)

Raspberry vinaigrette

Did you win the Logan Mustard raspberry vinaigrette? We found a recipe that we should add to 2.3 ingredients. Here, mustard, honey and targun vinaigrette. The key part, we are missing out on. After the Step 2 recipe, you can take a handful of berries and sift through a sieve. Add the strained strawberries to the preparation, mix and enjoy!

Advice : You can use red fruits instead of raspberries. If not here’s a new product just for you!

Honey, mustard and tarragon vinaigrette

Other ideas for red fruit vinaigrettes

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