Map Giant Buffets, Gingate, English Style … Our brush address in Toulouse

Map Giant Buffets, Gingate, English Style … Our brush address in Toulouse

Mom's Birch Breakfast is a huge buffet that awaits you at this address in the center of Toulouse.  To test!
Mom’s Birch Breakfast is a huge buffet that awaits you at this address in the center of Toulouse. To test! (© Tower Shelter Toulouse)

Need a good brush? Toulouse News It gives you some addresses to spend a good time living and greedy in the city of Rose.

Bibent Brich

Every weekend, the historic Plus du Capitol address offers a silver discount.

On the menu, on weekends, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. :

  • Choice of tea, coffee or chocolate
  • Freshly squeezed lemons (oranges, lemons)
  • Paris Bags, Butter Cruise, Chocolate and Pancakes
  • Organic jam, artificial honey, unsalted butter and crushed salt from Matthias’ farm
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and plain yogurt
  • Ardi-Gasna from Barnetxia Farm and Recorded Cam
  • Chicken eggs for your comfort and bacon, avocado

For breakfast in a coffee shop

La Dowrade, Cafe Ceres is a place where you can taste many special coffees. Traditionally roasted coffees at the facility.

The other property of the place is the bridesmaids, Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 30 p.m. No booking! The formula includes hot drinks, squeezed oranges, seasonal salads, avocado toast, organic scrambled eggs, yogurt, homemade granola and fresh fruit.

4, Quai de la Daurade. Full breakfast price:, 21.00. Price only ጣፋጭ 13.50 ጣፋጭ.
Like this. : 05 81 60 66 91. Website:

Other coffee shops have their own ingenuity, such as Neroli Coffee and Mimosa Birch, and Saturday for the Canope Bar.

A giant broom in Mom’s shelter

Hotel, Cinema, Roof… Mom’s shelter It is a multi-faceted residence in the center of Toulouse, a former Variety Cinema venue.

Videos: Currently on Actu

Every Sunday, Mom prepares “Gargantuwan Brich” with pastries, bread, curriculum, buffet, drinks …

54-56, Boulevard Lazare-Carnot. Price: 42 euros.
Like this. : 05 31 50 50 05.
Book a place for brunch at this link.

For a “high flying” brush

Consular CourtIt is a 5 star hotel near Espurol and Pont-Nef. The hotel’s restaurant Le Cénacle, he said, produces “high flying” brushes in a number of integrated formulas. By Chef Thomas Vondersher.

On the menu: hot drinks, fruit juices, a variety of pastries, mature cheese, Iberian charcoal, smoked salmon, beginners, hot dishes and pastries. You can taste the Toulouse Violet Lemon Signature Muffin.

Prices: From 94 (classic silver) to 114 euros (silver and champagne) for two. 46, rue des Couteliers.
Like this. 05 67 16 19 99

Le Barricot is also moving to Brush mode.
Le Barricot is also moving to Brush mode. (© Le Baricot)

For everyone in Barico, you can eat brunch

Of Baricot, Compans-Caffarelli offers all-you-can-eat brunch every Sunday, unlimited fruit juices and hot drinks. Serves from 11 a.m. to 30 p.m.

The ice cream parlor on the cake will be open on Thursday, May 26, 2022, at the same price for special silverware.

8, esplanade Compans-Caffarelli.
Price: € 27.50; 12 euros for children 6-12 years; Free for children ages 6 and under.
Locations on 05 61 11 09 38 and on their website.

Uncle Apple, normal!

Uncle Apple, Ru Gabriel Perry has been serving Sunday lunch for seven years. Important address! “It’s one of our best services today. We recommend that people take a seat,” said manager Kevin.

Self-serve buffet offers breakfast, fruit juices, five courses and a selection of desserts.

32, rue Gabriel Peri. Lunch Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Prices: 21 euros for the old brush; 27 euros with cocktail.
Reservations at 09 81 16 01 21.
More information on Uncle Apple’s Facebook page.

Brush in a bar

The Ginges season is over again and the sun, entertainment, apricots … and on Sunday Brooke promises!

Example in The power plant, Every week on Ramier Island, the venue for this Sunday meeting will be reorganized. “We want to provide a quality supply,” said Merne, who oversees customer service at Central. We want this bright Toulouse’s’s’s’s’s’s’s its’s its’s its’s its’s’s »

You will have to pay 37 Euros and 12 Euros for children between the ages of 6 and 12 to enjoy this lunch.

Remember that the new La Centrale season reopens on Thursday, May 19, 2022.

Ali Fernande Jordan. Like this. 05 61 73 82 31.

For breakfast in a buccal setting

Trocket Garon, The road is a bureaucratic and friendly address. In recent years, the main lobby has hosted Brunch every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. “We offer a great dessert buffet, with pastries, home baking, hot drinks, cold tea and a delicious dessert every week. Customers have a choice between this dessert or a burger,” the restaurant said. Toulouse News.

132, Avenue de Murte. Like this. 05 34 53 32 98
Price: Bottle at 25 euros (12 euros for children).
More information on their Facebook page.

For English Brich

This is the idea of ​​a tea room Baps, rue de la Bourse. The address, which has been open since 2001, will be open from 11 a.m. to 30 p.m. Hot or cold drinks, scrambled eggs, toast, cheesecakes and a plate of vegetables and fruits are on this list.

Le Bapz also offers Sunday Silver, but only during the holidays during December.

as if DistributionWe also go to English time on Sundays. The Bar: “We offer a delicious breakfast, vegetarian breakfast, pancakes, French toast, British Sunday lunch specialties and classics.

Bookings are recommended for use this Sunday.

For Mexican Brunch

MexicoIt is the address of a Mexican restaurant in the Arnad-Bernard district. Meet on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The venue offers “Mexican food made with 80% real local or French seasonal products.”

6, rue St. Charles.
Like this. : 09 73 69 29 52. Website:

For vegetarian and organic brides

With Beautiful greenIn St. Aubin, you can go for a drink and go green. The 10% Vegetable menu includes ዩ 25 (with a gluten-free option) and hot and cold drinks, roasted asparagus, focaccia, raw ginger with oranges, wild garlic pepper, cornstarch, crumble and chocolate in three ways.

50, rue d’Aubuisson. Like this. 05 61 62 73 42.
More information on this link.
The Gourmet Bar's Gormet Bar at the Novotel Hotel in Companion-Kafareli offers a bright spot.
The Gourmet Bar’s Gormet Bar at the Novotel Hotel in Companion-Kafareli offers a bright spot. (© Gurmet Bar)

Remember other addresses

We can also mention Les Fils à Maman, rue Pharaon, with its 12P tea shop menu (Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm with three services at 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm) or Gourmet Bar. Novotel de Compans-Caffarelli (27 27 per person, ዩ 13 for children under 6) Many delicacies in the Italian theme (pizza, brunchta, etc.).

Soklo Hotel, rue Valade, is preparing to offer the brunch offer. Originally scheduled for spring 2022, the start of Brenches has been postponed, possibly for the summer. “Birch will be open to customers outside the facility,” Soclo said.

>> Here is a map of our places to eat in Toulouse Brush

Where to hit for Mother’s Day

Yoga is growing in the city of Rose. And Mother’s Day is coming when … Yoga brush!
Luisioga, who regularly teaches outdoor yoga classes in some of the city’s most famous parks, has invited you to Papichou for special yoga class.
Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 10 p.m. 24, from the garden Leon Gambetta.
Yoga + Birr price tag 30 Euro per person.
Information and registration on the event’s Facebook page.

Another location for Mother’s Day is Apptylant’s Restaurant. The Toulouse Restaurant, accompanied by dried flowers, prepares silver for splitting. Available for delivery, on-site delivery or delivery.
28, rue des Blanchers. Book by phone (0749115286) or Instagram until Saturday, May 28, 2022 before 12 noon.


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