Mini-pasture chefs practice on Wednesday

Mini-pasture chefs practice on Wednesday

Ash. A small cake is baked by Bel Cindere. Starting in January, there will be a Passover workshop on Wednesday at the Entertainment Center, which will delight students.

At Jerome Furnerry, Cindere School Dining Chef, Entertainment Center Kids, from Kindergarten to CM2, in groups of five to six, prepare a variety of delicious recipes.

So you get 30 bake for 1 hour and prepare snacks for 60 kids together Recipes like soft, unique fruit salad, coconut stone … “We learn a lot, and have fun, it’s great. He said.

After attending La Chaise-Dieu Hotel School and cooking for four years in Lyon and Corsica, Jerome Fornery worked for 18 years before coming to Le Cinder.

“The workshop is very popular with children, they listen and they work hard to do good for everyone. They are very demanding,” he said.


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