Offering 12 restaurants and grills to roll on the floor in Montreal

Offering 12 restaurants and grills to roll on the floor in Montreal

Truth be told … there is no such thing as “by the sea” other than enjoying a good seafood dish with a glass of dry white wine! Indeed, these salty foods immediately remind us of the warmth of the ocean we really need in the summer.

Among these foods, Mushrooms and fries are very popular, and we recommend 12 Montreal restaurants that serve them. For your greatest joy!

# 1 Maestro Please

Credit @maestrosvp by IG

This seafood restaurant on the plate will definitely help you satisfy yourself Desire Mushrooms and fries!

Teacher, please

3615 Bull. St. Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X 1V5

# 2 Bistro Le Valois

Credit @le_valois by I.G.

Enjoy fresh mushroom-flavored seafood at this French Bistro in Hochelaga-Maisonnev.

Bistro Le Valois

25 Plus Simon-Values, Montreal, QC H1W 0A6

# 3 Crazy Lobster

Credit Nikolay Smeh via Unsplash / for display purposes only

For only $ 19.95, this restaurant at the old harbor offers you a generous selection of bananas and fries.

Crazy lobster

410 Pl. Jacques-Carter, Montreal, QC H2Y 3B2

# 4 Early or Late Bistro

Credit Arthouse Studio via Pixels / for reference only

Mushrooms from Dijon, Provenchale, Mariner, with mushrooms … This famous restaurant on the plate offers lethal mushrooms!

Bistro early or late

1030 Cherrier Street, Montreal, QC H2L 1H7

# 5 McCarold Pub

Credit Rodnae Productions via Pixels / for display purposes only

This Irish pub offers fully cooked mussels, and we love their honey beer and white wine brewing.

McCarthy Pub

5400 Ch. de la Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal, QC H3T 1Y5

# 6 Restaurant Academy

Credit @restaurantlacademie by IG

You will be amazed at the diversity of this perfect dessert at this restaurant!

Academy Restaurant

2100 Crescent Street, Montreal, QC H3G 2B8

7275 Boulevard des Galeries d’Anjou, Anjou, QC H1M 2W2

# 7 Bistro Garage Cafe

Credit @ by I.G.

Mariner and marinara muses from this neighborhood restaurant are served with roast, and the dish costs only $ 15!

Bistro Garage Cafe

275 Rue Hickson, Verdun, QC H4G 2J7

# 8 Bistro between heaven and earth

Credit Bistro via FB between heaven and earth

This French restaurant in Verden will be perfect to satisfy your craving for a good mason dish!

Bistro between heaven and earth

750 Church Street, Verden, QC H4G 2M8

# 9 Macro Restaurant

Credit Masaaki Komori by Unsplash / for reference only

This facility, which specializes in seafood delicacies, offers a clear mesol dish To die!


1726 Notre Dame Street W, Montreal, QC H3J 1M3

# 10 Bernard Brewery

Credit @brasseriebernard by IG

This French brazier in Auremont will impress you with its ever-made Prince Edward Island mushrooms.

Bernard Brewery

1249 Avenue Bernard H2V1V7, Montreal, QC H2V 1V7

# 11 Lean Peas

Credit @lepoispenche by I.G.

This famous French restaurant offers the largest amount of bananas and fries you can have for brunch!

Leanless lentils

1230 Bull. De Maisonneuve West, Montreal, QC H3G 1M2

# 12 Otavio

Credit @ottavioresto by IG

If you like sorghum, you will find it very satisfying in this restaurant, which offers many dishes with a choice of toast or Caesar salad.


6880 Rue Jean-Talon E, Saint-Leonard, QC H1S 1N1

1134 Blvd. Marcel-Lauren, St. Laurent, QC H4R 1J7

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