Original pizza recipes are on display at Tikitok.

Original pizza recipes are on display at Tikitok.

Pizza evenings are good. But when you have to eat leftovers, it’s a little fun. Fortunately, users of Tiktok He came up with an unusual idea for a recipe for these leftovers. No more putting it in the microwave or eating it cold!

# Pizza Eggs

Here it is “Egg Pizza”, A new trend in Tikitock This almost brings them together 2 million views. Presented by Elise MyersThis Unusual recipe It’s the rage on social media. It is the idea. Prepare an omelette with the remaining pizza pieces Cut them into small pieces. Everything can be garnished with pepper, cheese or even tomato sauce. “It’s an original recipe for trying to eat everything left over in the fridge,” says the creator of the oven. He added: “It tastes like spiced eggs like cheese and cheese. The Chinese forum is full. Recipes All kinds. The best foodhacks or recipes are making a fuss on this social network and are attracting the attention of food professionals around the world. If you are a chef or you like to cook, TikTok is a gold mine. !

@elysemyers @ Gordon Ramsey So what do you have to say about #pizzaeggs ♬ Original Sound – Elyse Myers
@theshayspence Reply to @createto Encouragement #pizzaeggs never goes out of style. # Breakfast # Recipes #Food #Food #Fam ♬ This Old Heart (Made by Rod Stuart) [Karaoke Version] – Party Tyme Karaoke

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