Pasta was born again

Pasta was born again

In the new campaign, Barilla will rekindle the passion and taste of Italian pasta. The music of the pub is a legend with the title of Leo Delius. “Flower dot”.

Bar Barilla Al Bronzo 2022

Barilla al Bronzo ad

Since 1877, brand Barila It makes us know and appreciate the good taste of Italy. The new advertising campaign offers a new version of Premium Al Bronzo Pasta. The new pasta, which is made from real durum wheat with high levels of protein, is added to Lavorazio Greza. It really allows you to taste the soup better and have a perfect traditional Italian recipe. The new spaghetti, which brings pasta back to life, has a red wrap that reminds me of the power of love and emotion.

The announcement Barilla al-Bronzo “Pasta is born again” Inspired by the big bang to show the pasta process. In a film that goes into the heart of the art of cooking, Barilla brand pasta shows how it conveys feelings, desires, love and emotions. The announcement begins with a beautiful sunrise in the kitchen. We found the new pasta pack that represented a real star. Advertising continues with boiling water, pasta raining, cooking and pouring olive oil on it. The recipe ends with a Parmesan bath and turning on a pepper mill. Then we see a man serving a plate of food and sitting at the table eating with his friends.

What is the music in the Barilla Al Bronzo ad?

The music we hear at the Barilla al-Bronzo pub is “pasta is born again.” Leo Delibes. It is about a myth. “Flower Duo” Or “Below the dome”. This is a symphony orchestra from Opera Lakme and composed in 1883 by the Paris Opera-Comic. This opera has been used extensively in film, television, video games, and advertising. It is also covered by many artists.

Leo Delibes His real name is Clement Felbert Leo Delibus, a French-born composer, musician, and university professor. He did his first at the Paris Concert and even won his first prize in Music Theory. In 1856, Leo Delibes began his career as a composer of Follis-Nuvels. It is considered a standard for traditional French music. Leo Delibes has left more than 70 compositions of operas, ballet, operas, and melodies for generations. The works have been taken over the past decades and countless times have been redefined. They are still part of the French music heritage.

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