Pepsi invents a soda-flavored pepperoni pizza!

Pepsi invents a soda-flavored pepperoni pizza!

And surprisingly, he is called “Pepsi-Ronnie.”

Peperoni and Pepsi Pizza are not a joke! Credit: Pepsi

watch out

After salty butter caramel soda, Pepsi is now attacking… Pizzas! Yes, yes, you did. Finally, Peperoni. We will explain.

Every Friday, May 3, the United States celebrates National Pizza Party Day. And this year, on Friday, May 20, 2022, Pepsi unveiled its first pizza recipe. American Cola Brand Invents Pepperroni Pizza With Soda!

It’s official, pizza goes by #BetterWithPepsi!There is Pepsi (“official, pizza tastes better than Pepsi”). On his social media pages, he impresses our taste buds with this amazing recipe called Pepsi-Ronnie!

Please make “Pepsi-Ronnie” pizza

Pepsi Introduces Pepsi-Ronnese Piperoni Pizza. Credit: Pepsi

Pepsi did not come up with anything out of the ordinary. In fact, one study found that “72 percent of pizza chains in the United States are served with pepsin” and “9 out of 10 people recommend eating pizza with their pizza.” Creating Pepsi Pizza was obvious, right?

Based on this observation, Pepsi simply offered a piece of Pepperoni with Pepsi Zero Sugar (yes, no sugar added to any pizza) to get Pepsi-Ronnie!

Launched just because of New York National Pizza Day, this strange recipe seems to be on the verge of extinction. And yes, Pepsi wants to offer “Pepsi-Ronnie” to other American cities (Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles or Miami) and maybe even to the rest of the world!

In any case, even if we do not believe in the taste of this pizza, we must acknowledge that the marketing idea is original, and in spite of everything, it stimulates our curiosity …

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