Raphael Fruit of Rafael Hammont?  Happiness

Raphael Fruit of Rafael Hammont? Happiness

Prepare six bowls

  • Bowl 1: Coconut milk + 1 or 2 tablespoons Sugar If necessary.
  • Bowl 2: Juice Strawberries + 2 or 3 fresh strawberries cut into small pieces.
  • Bowl 3: Juice Mango + Flesh Parsley fruit.
  • Bowl 4: Juice Wine + Some blackberries are cut into pieces.
  • Bowl 5: Apple juice + 1 half-kiwi, cut into small pieces.
  • Plate 6: JuicePineapple (Or central fresh pineapple).

Here are the instructions.

  • Pour one teaspoon of agar-agar into each bowl and mix well. (One gram-partner without a balance is related to a small teaspoon. Just fill the spoon andStage The smooth surface to remove excess. A method that saves us from buying the right balance.)
  • They bring the first bowl into the pot.
  • Pour it out Liquid In a hot upright container, or in cube ice trays. (Beautiful fruit salad: You can boil the juice with a partner, then stir the chopped fruit only when the liquid is soft.
  • Continue in the same way as the other bowls.
  • Put the meeting in Refrigeration For at least 30 minutes.
  • Remove the jelly.
  • Cut regular cubes of 1 cm on each side (or gently peel off the jelly from the ice cube molds).
  • Press and hold the Rubik’s cube on the plate Colors.
  • Take fresh fruits from the rest and serve well to cool. (It is fun to eat fresh fruit at the same time as gel juice. Because of the change. Texture, The taste seems to change, and everything tastes good! Fruit jelly with “real” pieces of fruit is very popular in Asia.)

What is going on in science?

When they take CoolLong Molecules The agar-agar openings stick together and trap fruit juice. agar agar It is especially recommended for the fruits we choose here. Indeed, if we replace it with gelatine, gelatine would work with coconut milk and strawberry juice, but not with juices. Kiwi Or pineapple remains liquid. And the mango-passion fruit would be too soft to handle!

They contain kiwi, pineapple, mango and parsley MoleculesIt is said that ” Enzymes », Which plays a key role in the life of plant cells, and has the unique properties of working as a small scissors! These molecules can cut gelatin fibers even before gel is formed. By boiling Fruit juicesWe succeed in eliminating these enzymes, but over-cooking destroys pigments and Fragrances ! Partner-partner is formed for these enzymes. And because the links are so rigid, it can catch even the biggest fresh fruit!

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