Recipe Italy with this simple veal salimboca recipe!

Recipe Italy with this simple veal salimboca recipe!

Taste Italy with this simple veal salimboka recipe!

One of the traditional Italian recipes is calf salimboka recipe. This amazing and fast-food dish literally means “jump in the mouth.” This Italian recipe will make you travel.

Pasta, Risoto or Pizza… These foods take us straight to the ground. Solar cooking, Generous and diligent. This is an Italian recipe guide Very simple But so good. Spread the ham and fig leaves only on a piece of wheel and cook with squash.

Accompanied by the calf Fresh tagliatelle And voila.

Find the recipe Without further ado!

Recipe Italy with this simple veal salimboca recipe!


  • 8 pieces of thin prosthesis
  • 400 g fresh tagliatelle
  • 4 thin slices of veal
  • 8 leafy greens
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 10 cl dry white wine
  • Parmesan or Pecorino
  • 6 basil leaves
  • 1 c. Flour
  • olive oil
  • Salt and pepper



Calf pieces should be thin and thin. If you find them too tight, soften them with a tender (or rotating pin). One side of the lock locks with the shell panel in the STAL PROBE.


Place sales pitches, two pieces, two pieces of ham and two plowshares. Hold the calf, ham and sage together by inserting toothpaste in the center.


To cook the salmon, heat the butter in a hot oven. Place the calf salimboka in a saucepan and cook slowly for 10 to 15 minutes.


When the calf is well browned, soak it in white wine. Let it cook for a minute or two.


Remove the meat from the oven. Put veal salmonka in a dish.


In a saucepan, place the soup. Add a pinch of butter as well as a little water and a teaspoon of flour. Make the soup thick. This traditional infusion of salimboka is called the Roman infusion.


In the meantime, cook the fresh pasta according to the cooking time specified on the package. The pasta should be al dente.


Garnish the veal with salimboka infusion of romaine.


Drain the pasta and add to the sauce with veal salimboka and romaine soup.


Sprinkle some cheese, parmesan or pecinoino on pasta and enjoy this traditional dish from Italian calf salimboka.

Chef’s tip

To make cooking salimbocan easier, you can remove the squid to rotate the scallops and then place the squid back.

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