Recipes for your day.  Country Pizza

Recipes for your day. Country Pizza

Issue # 1 ፡ You (or someone else) will spend more than $. Limit AuthResponse.Exit devices and / or unused browsers

Case N ° 2 ፡ You are browsing in private mode ፡.Always log out before closing the browser window

Case N ° 3 ፡ Reject connection cookies in your browser settings (or modify your update settings) →Change your browser cookie receiver settings

In all cases Clicking “Continue” on this device will solve the problem

What happens if I click “Continue on this device”?
You can enjoy your account on this device and all your other devices will be locked out. You can always reconnect with it within the limits of $ this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit Devices.

How can I view connected devices?
Go to your client area and click “Manage Devices”. There should be only one if you go there after clicking “Continue on this device”.

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