Roasted Feta, Vegetable Recipe, and Napoleitan Pizza… Three Easy Recipes

Roasted Feta, Vegetable Recipe, and Napoleitan Pizza… Three Easy Recipes

In his new book, Ali Rabihi Show’s columnist provides simple recipes to share with friends.

Fried feta

Absolute simplicity recipe. Place the feta in a bakery. Then pour some olive oil. Sprinkle with espresso pepper. Bake at 200 degrees for five minutes. And then five more minutes under the meat. And then it’s over!

Baked feta has a softer, more creamy taste. By frying the olive oil, it melts, and the espresso pepper makes the note a little higher.

Easy Anchovy Recipe To soak your carrots or pumpkin sticks.

You need 125 grams of dried and chopped anchovies, a quarter of fresh onion or spring onion, a handful of parsley leaves, half a pinch of garlic, diced, because otherwise it will “stink”, 20 cl of olive oil. , A pinch of good sugar. We will join them all. As the mixture softens, we drizzle a little like mayonnaise with olive oil. And it is ready. It completely changes your carrot experience!

Neapolitan fried pizza.

In Italy, in Naples, they make fried pizzas. To do this, we go to the baker and buy some unleavened bread. It never costs much. It’s the price of a bag and we can use it as a pizza dough. We expanded it.

We take ten balls mozzarella di bufala, 60 grams of arugula, of course, oil, small pieces, chopped, sliced ​​tomatoes or, as the season goes, fresh tomatoes. Two fresh basil, three teaspoons tomato paste and a little olive oil.

We mix arugula, mozzarella, tomatoes with olive oil. Then, we spread the flour, cut it into triangles, just like a piece of cake. Then we work our way up to the top and fold it. He wears a ball with arugula, tomatoes in mozzarella and then basil. We twist, twist, and twist the sides to have an airless shape. Rotate the ball with your hand and then rotate it 180 degrees. She has to paint. It goes so fast, mozzarella melts. It’s a simple recipe to prepare, it’s unique.

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Bonus: What does a listener ask for in a pasta recipe? Chef suggested making omelettes like Torla, but with pasta and very good. If you are clear, you can make pasta salad. If they are in the soup, then we make a grill with meat or vegetables.

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