Sicily, Spaghetti Empress – Liberation

Sicily, Spaghetti Empress – Liberation


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Every day, “Libe” comes to the table. Today’s Palermitan Anchovy Pasta.

When an Italian is told that he eats a lot of pasta, he must not break it. Transpan food. Here is a simple, delicious, delicious and delicious palette of spaghetti spaghetti. Be careful, however, that it depends on the quality of each ingredient. Spaghetti spice with extra virgin olive oil, one clove of garlic, parsley, anchovy and bread crumbs; At first glance, nothing special. But if every ingredient is chosen well, these spaghetti, which are the cheapest to prepare, will be delicious …

Note on the name of this recipe is that the dishes are definitely Mediterranean, but there is no guarantee that the dish is from Palermo… This will not spoil the taste!

So let’s go to the event. Take some extra virgin olive oil and pour it into a large saucepan. You need at least half a glass. Heat two small garlic cloves in oil over very low heat. These should be slightly golden without burning. Add anchovy fillets: two by one if small. Anchovy works in oil, in glass pots. …


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