Spaghetti “Ala uteanesca”, Love Traders

Spaghetti “Ala uteanesca”, Love Traders

Pink remains a rose, but spaghetti ፑ Go to ፑ Tantenska Do they keep their spices under another name? The name of this dish – can be translated as “Whore or whore spaghetti”How thick it is – and the myth surrounding it explains how popular the volcano tastes.

Naples prostitutes were being prepared. puttanesca Between two customers, a quick but encouraging way to recharge your batteries? Was it the fragrant scent she used to get her customers into their bedroom?

If there is any truth to these stories, these ladies should brush their teeth carefully later. With a mixture of spicy anchovies, garlic, capers and olives, the puttanesca It is not a substitute food.

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