Strawberries, one product, two options

Strawberries, one product, two options

Strawberries are a false fruit. The real fruits of the strawberry are acacia, the small grains on the red and fleshy support that reach the flower. In the Rosaceae family, it includes other popular fruits (pears, apples, apricots, almonds, etc.). Fragaria Tropical and subtropical areas include dozens of species. Native European, wild strawberry, Fragaria Vesca, Or strawberry, produced today under the name “Queen of the Valleys”.

Strawberries have long been known to be unpopular, uninteresting, and even dangerous. This does not prevent many from tasting, enjoying, and multiplying. Varieties of “modern” strawberries (Mara des Boys, Garigete, Siflorette, Cleri, etc.) are all unique. Fragrance Minor It may have been derived from the cross between North American tensions. Fragaria Virginia. And of Chilean origin Fragaria Chilonesis. To enjoy it, it is best to avoid the first camarosa from Spain: immature picks, bright in color but with no taste.

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Strawberries rich in vitamin C and polyphenols are much healthier than the “old” ones. The real Orleans are said to help fight diabetes. Strawberries taste good with raw, fresh and shiny, perhaps with a little sugar and hot cream.


Classic, pie, charlottes, sorbets, strawberries are not very popular when ripe. Dip one foot into warm paraffin, salt, and pepper for a quarter of an hour. Mixed raw, with basil leaves, sweet to drink. Added to a good tomato and vegetable salad, it offers a delicious summer wedding.

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