Taste red and white wine for a beautiful tour of France 2022

Taste red and white wine for a beautiful tour of France 2022

The time will come here Tour de France white and red wine With all the taste quiche France. Always have a modest overview of the high quality of French products. First tasting room with 7 reviews!

Vidal-Fleury Vacqueyras 2019, always quality!

Of Vakeiras 2019 of the Vidal-Fluri House Includes grapes Grenache, Shiraz And Morvred, A beautiful blend for a beautiful shiny ruby ​​color. His nose is a touch of violet, blackberry, cigar notes and mint notes, black pepper and clove. His mouth is strong, but it fits in with the current silk tan, warmth and good length. The wine is delicious with charcoal, cold cuts, barbecue, red meat and cheese. Divided by direct sales, wine dealers and CHR, the VAT, including Vintage, is priced at 0 20.08, which is about the same as enjoying a taste.

The 2020 edition of the Dominion de la Rochelier

Composed of grapes Carrina For 30%, Black grenade For 30%, Shiraz For 30% and Morvred For 10%, this His face Red for appeal and b Domaine de la Rochelierre. With reddish-purple and ripe noses, with red fruits, licorice – vanilla spices and notes of gargola and mint, the wine is delicious to taste. The blade is balanced between nutrients, freshness, and fruit. The wine tastes good with Thai beef salad, caramelized dried pork with figs or stew. Available for sale directly, at Wine Dealers CHR, VAT X Cellar 12. 12.00, Excellent Quality!

Domeine Pichon and Falling Diapason 2021 – IGP Viognier Colline Rhodaniennes – Seyssuel

This Seychelles White is made only from wine Vyognier. For the eyes, the color is golden, with a hint of silver. The nose is mineral, fruit apricot-peach, vanilla. The mouth is adequate and smooth, beautiful, supported by strong acid. The wine goes well with lobster, oyster, clam pasta, seafood grill or lemon ginger chicken. The price tag is 00 28.00, including direct sales, Vintage and CHR, VAT, including the old one, this is a real treat to taste.

Savoi Lite Idol Domain

This Savoi white wine is made from Domaine de l’Idylle. Princess. For the eyes, the pale golden color reflects the beautiful green and pearl mother. The nose is ripe and good, mineral, floral iris, pearl. The blade fits in with the freshness and texture throughout its length. The wine is enjoyed with grilled shrimp, lake fish or turkey baskets. Divided by direct sales, wine shops and CHR, VAT ሴ 13.00, including VAT, is an absolute reflection of quality.

Coume Del Mas Folio 2021

Provides Coume Del Mas Estate Folio 2021 – Colior White Made from grapes Gray Grenache For 90% and Greenwich White For 10% of her dress is golden, bright. The nose is ripe, strong and complex, mineral and fruit peach-lemon-pear, spicy vanilla-cinnamon. Delicious fruit, greedy, very fresh and spicy, stays on a can of lemons. The wine can be enjoyed with oysters, tajin, chicken with lemon, veal with cream, Blancete de la Mer or Boffort cheese. Divided by direct sales, wine vendors and CHR, the price is 00 24.00, including VAT ex ላርlar, great wine to taste!

Jean Durup Father and Son, Petit Chablis Elglanter 2021

This Little Chablis from Father and son of Domein Jean Durup It is composed of the kind of wine Chardonai. Her eyebrows are emerald. The nose is thin and mineral, with white flowers, unusual fruits: lemon and gray pepper. The tongue is fresh and fruity, with long, fine peppers, a note of dried fruit and a salty finish. The wine tastes good with cream or chicken with lemon. The price tag of VAT, which is divided between direct sales, wine vendors and CHR, is 90 11.90, which is a very good ratio for the best white wine.

Blanc de Vyognier 2021 Domein Grand Veneer, Aline Jamme

Aline Jamme It offers excellent Cots du Ron White made from grapes Vyognier. For the eyes, the color is bright and light pale yellow. The nose is a touch of fresh and intense, floral, white flesh. The pine nuts are white peach-pear, fresh and mineral, balanced and long on apricots. The wine goes well with lobster, vegetable risotto, salmon, halibut or semi-dried goat cheese. Divided by direct sales, wine merchants and CHR, VAT, including the previous section, costs 13.40 euros, a good price for this sweet white wine.

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