The perfect express pizza recipe sticks to the aperitif

The perfect express pizza recipe sticks to the aperitif

This Recipe guide It is not complicated and can be made really fast without any hassle but it allows you to prepare a delicious meal that everyone admires and changes a little from chips to a healthy version!

Easy aperitif pizza recipe

The great advantage of this recipe shared by @pazapah couples on their Instagram account is that it comes in the form of an original, rather than sharing a pizza that can be a little too big for a simple appetizer. Without cutting your fingers, we cut out the dough, which we had carefully prepared to decorate in a long rectangle.

So we get a beautiful pizza crust which is very useful to eat and who does not like pizza that everyone admires?

The brewing technique is listed in preparation, but it is really simple and accessible to everyone, especially since you can discard the recipe with all the ingredients you need or for a better taste in your fridge. .

Great simple but delicious recipe to try for your next appetizer!

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