The tradition of the Tiramisu dro success test

The tradition of the Tiramisu dro success test

Under the weight of popularity, all the ingredients come together to make it one of the legendary desserts. So the Tiramisu machine was taken over, crossing borders and giving birth to trends and fashions, just like pizza or burgers before it.

Each expert is responsible for bringing his or her own layer to the debate: controversy over its origins, wars over the accuracy of recipes, conflicts over basic ingredients, confirmation of regional variables or the evolution of the original recipe, international competition.
In terms of fatherhood, hang on there, because you have to get up early in the morning to find the myths, the real ones, or in any case the ones that go down in Gastronomy history books.

The sweetness of myths

Indeed, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Julia are engaged in a real battle for patriarchal fatherhood, based on biscuits, coffee, mascarpone, and cocoa powder, each with its own story.
What is certain, however, is that the myths were not anti-influenza and, according to translations, Tramisisu was invented in the early 20th century, especially when Lollipop’s Treviso chef could one day escape from mascarpone in a mixture of sugar and eggs. The recipe takes the final look after adding a spoonful of biscuits, coffee and cocoa.
On the language side, there are still uncertain doubts. The word tiramisu comes from the word “triimi su”, which means “to rejoice,” to travelers gathered at a guest table on their way back from a trip to Venetian Hunterland, and found this cake especially encouraging.

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Choose me for hell

The sweetest version from the prostitutes near Tristist. There, the decent and the sweet taste of the popular sweet and savory delicacies make it possible to “attract” or “attract” themselves after the effort. Therefore, some have called Tiramisu an aphrodisiac. ራት to check…

In the end, these conflicts seem to be very pyrocholine and these questions of identity are futile, because the traditional cuisine today seems shaky, reviewed, re-interpreted. In fact, by browsing social networks, tiramisu has become a star of Instagram and Tick Talk accounts.
Therefore, we do not underestimate the boldness and countless thousands of editions, sometimes very far from the original spirit, but visually more sexual than anything else. Decorate here with red fruits, apples or pineapples ?; There, made from speckles, nutmeg or rose biscuits made from reeds. Still better, sweeter tramisis emerges, alternating with avocado, salmon or shrimp base.

Adjusted for networks

The elements, in fact, are often at the center of the legal crisis. Stefan Caylot, a mediator, uses quality products from the Italian restaurant Les Heles in the heart of Limoges and, if possible, keeps Italian terrorists as close to the original spirit as possible.
“The recipe is based on simple products: sugar, eggs, mascarpone, coffee, alcohol such as amareto or marsala, and savoirdi, real Italian spoonfuls of biscuits. After that no one can present himself as the sole and true owner of the recipe? So, the comparison? It’s hard to live without bodies, ”admitted the amateur and international food promoter.
In Puglia, the young chef Marion Champax prepares delicious meals. “The idea is to provide a simple and delicious teramisu. Trying to get rid of the heavier and softer side when there is too much mascarpone or too much alcohol. She explained.

Because the tiramisu are airy and generous, the traps that Overtney cooks carefully freed themselves from. Maybe she owes a debt of gratitude to these two in-house savoirdi (Marion herself) for this beautiful balance ?? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

Whatever the case, its tiramisu delights our taste and gives us a hint of dolce vita reminiscent of those festivals along the Great Lakes of Italy or Tuscany.


Lambrusco Rosso Dell’Emilia. When you taste the tiramisu or other delicacies at the Les Heles restaurant in Limoges, you may crave ristretto or limoncello. You can also choose Lambrusco Rosso Dell’Emilia on Stephane Caillot’s advice.
This wine, from the local vine, Lambusco, comes from Emilia Romani, a region in part of Peda Plain in northern Italy.
This red wine has the characteristic of being slightly boiling (obtained by natural fermentation).

It is a beautiful, full-bodied wine with a fruity scent with a robe color. But the most deceptive is this warmth (should be around 10 °) and this light, backed by its shiny sides, does not prevent you from being amazed by this beautiful continuous finish.
It goes well with your salads, pasta dishes, antipasti, pizzas or desserts.

The product

Jonchex. Its name is due to the contract between Lo-Jonchere (a small town in the heart of Monts de Dambazak) and the creators’ name Lop and Natalie. Jonchex is made from whole cow’s milk. Squeezed cheese, along with the skin of the flower, is cooked on the spot in the stone pantry of the family home. There are many differences: the younger ones (about a month and a half), the older ones (2 and 3 months) and the older ones (between 5 and 6 months) taste better.

Note that Lop and Natalie make their own ingenious proof of this cheese, which combines softness and character in the mouth. There are many subtleties that can be found in texture, melting, according to taste, all in secret. Characteristics that reflect the work and knowledge of emotional couples.

Fabric Varieras


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