TikTok has a recipe for cooking salted egg yolks!

TikTok has a recipe for cooking salted egg yolks!

One recipe is now all the rage on the popular social network TikTok. These are salted egg yolks.

If you do not know what to do with your egg yolks when cooking, Do not hesitate to try this popular Tikik recipe. MCE TV Editor Explains Everything From A to P!

What is this popular TikTok recipe?

TikTok is a very rich social network. Of course you can find all kinds of videos there. Recent studies have shown that forums that work best on the platform The world of cooking, beauty, play, parentingiPhone, fashion, reviews, psychology, fitness or homework.

We know this may interest you, so we need to share with you some of the most popular recipes on TikTok right now. Be careful, though, that this is nothing new. In Care Of… Salt-dried eggs.

This can be useful, especially when you are cooking and you do not need egg yolks. Think about it instead of throwing it away Sprinkle with salt and flour.

In practice, you just need to Fill a Tupperware mix. You can then use an egg (still in the shell) to make a small hole to insert the egg yolks.

After all the steps are done, all you have to do is cover the egg yolks, close the box, and so on Let’s sit for several days. If our explanation does not apply to you, feel free to check out the article below.

Similarly, if you are surprised How to eat dried egg yolks au Talk Video will give you some ideas for the event. Still, it will have a very salty taste and the texture will be close to hard cheese.

@msshiandmrhe How to use leftover egg yolk

Other recipes…

You probably do not believe in salty-dried egg yolks in this recipe. don’t panic. There are others who recommend users on Tick Talk.

More recently, we have highlighted the main salad, starring Jennifer Aniston. Friends. You will find The result, in the picture, is right here.

Find out if you are motivatedIt is very easy to make. You will need 3.5 cups of cooked Bulgarian, cucumber and parsley mixture.

But that is not all. You need it too Chopped mint and onion, Minced pistachios, shrimp and crumbly feta. Then it is your choice to garnish the salad with lemon, olive or salt to your taste.

If so You are more a fan of pastaKnow that you will find happiness on Tikitock. We invite you to consult us Top 5 Best Ultra Gourmet Recipes Found on the app.

Inspired by the film, you will find both spaghetti with eggplant Luke Yolanda Hadid type vodka pen only. Don’t forget to bake pasta, parmesan fries or borscht pasta. In short you will be Full of ideas for your next meal. so nice !

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