Vegetable spaghetti: 12 delicious and easy recipes

Vegetable spaghetti: 12 delicious and easy recipes

A good bowl of Pasta Cream, Lazana With tomatoes or walnuts Noodles, We are already saliva. But did you know that you can feel the pasta being eaten without actually eating it? If that is strange to you, try these Vegetable recipes !

Always have more vegetables on the plate

Eat his 5 Fruits and Vegetables It is not always easy during the day. We begin the week with lychee soup, enjoy cauliflower pizza on Tuesday, and host ourselves a vitamin-packed salad on Thursday.
To add more vegetables to you NutritionWhy not change them Spaghetti ? I would like to see you, if you are interested in pasta, come back to Carrot or Zochachini food. We guarantee you, replace yours. Noodles They do not make recipes with vegetables gourmet and sweet.

Replace pasta with vegetables

For the impatient GlutenThis is a really good idea to have the feeling of eating a bowl. Spaghetti Bolognese, however, lacks wheat, rye, or spelled. Even outside of the gluten-free diet, edible Vegetable pasta It will save you Swelling And a heavy stomach after a meal. A Glychemic index Low calories and low calorie, can even help you cut yourself. Greed.
However, we do not recommend that you replace all yours. Starchs In the same vegetables. A healthy diet does not lead to malnutrition and very low grains give energy to the body, it can be harmful to you. Health.

Mac and cheese Without macaroni (but without cheese), egg yolks or Carbora PastaTry these mouth-watering recipes for yourself.

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