Vegetables and fruits in June

Vegetables and fruits in June

June coincides with the beginning of summer. The arrival of this season indicates the arrival of new fruits and vegetables. Get a list of foods grown in June.

Sun, sand, sea, June officially marks the beginning of summer – summer is June 21. Unripe fruits, red fruits, the most popular fruits begin their first harvest in June. Sunflowers are also on display.

Why is it important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables?

To be sure to absorb it all Dietary intake From fruits or vegetables, it is best to eat according to a farming schedule. Fruit and vegetable storageIn the refrigerator, in the long run, it causes them to lose their various vitamins. Therefore, unsafe products are often refrigerated over long distances. Summer fruits are as sweet as red fruits, but most of all Rich In anti-freeze And Potassium. Watermelon and Nectar have diuretics that facilitate urinary excretion and excretion.

Environmental aspect One reason is this. To eat locally. Unusual fruits such as mango, papaya or parsley should be avoided. Import by ship or plane It contributes significantly global warming. During this trip, so be it Risk of injury Fruits and vegetables. “Ugly” products that are not for sale to merchants. France is lucky Leading agricultural country in Europe. About half of the land is cultivated with locally produced and quality produce, otherwise it would be a shame to do so.

Fruits of June

Winter is often the same as return Summer fruit. Peach family, red fruits or pumpkins, such as pumpkin, the sun produces suitable fruits Let me understand Homemade Pies Or fresh fruit salads. Here is a list of unripe fruits that will grow in June:

Vegetables in June

The green color controls the vegetables during the summer. As well as available foods Well-cooked, FriedOr raw, In a fresh salad. Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini or eggplant, the perfect combination for a vegetarian skewer, cooking during the summer barbecue. Here is a list of incomplete vegetables that will be grown in June:

June fruits and vegetables in the example

Recipes for June Fruits and Vegetables

Sweet cake or SaltySalad or friesGet more Inspiring recipe With fruits and vegetables harvested this month.

  • Mediterranean Chicken Salad

The usual summer meal, lettuce is a moderate meal. This salad of ShrimpCollect them all Varieties of vegetables and fruits grown in Mediterranean countries. Perfect recipe for vegetarians and vegans. Simply cut a variety of dishes to prepare it. Don’t forget to add spices and your favorite salad dressing.

Summer Inhaled Onion Salad
  • Roasted vegetables

It is also called Sun cake, This delicious tart is made with the best summer fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers and yellow peppers and eggplant. After realizingShort Cake Cake at home, You need to boil vegetables, olive oil and onion. You can find it as soon as the pie crust comes out of the oven. Various fried vegetables And add cherry tomatoes and a leaf Balsamic vinegar.

A delicious treat with summer vegetables
  • Breton Short Bread with Summer Fruits

To replace a traditional fruit cake, Les Cookines offers a blog A giant shortbread with mascarpone cream. For fruit, choosing your favorites is your choice.

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Annual Calendar

To find out which foods to enjoy during the year, here it is Seasonal fruit and vegetable list for each month;

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