Walnut and Roquefort spaghetti, recipe for the week

Walnut and Roquefort spaghetti, recipe for the week

“When the body and soul work well together, they receive the highest reward of health and happiness.” I like to cook spelled, which St. Hildegard says, “It is the best grain (…). It also provides good fats and blood to the body (… in whole grains, breads, pasta, semolina, flax, flour, biscuits, etc.) are essential for good health. This is more suitable for metabolism (like goat milk). ”
Marie-France Delpech

For 4 people

400 grams of Italian spaghetti
2 tbsp. C. Pure salt
120 grams of Rockford cheese
120 grams of walnuts
2 tbsp. C. Salt with St. Hildegard herbs

This very simple recipe is perfect for introducing children to cooking. Along with the smaller ones, you can replace the Rockford with fresh goat cheese and grind the walnuts.


Cook the spaghetti in salted water for 11 to 12 minutes according to the instructions on the package.

In the meantime, boil the Rockford cheese and cut the walnuts well. Pour in the spaghetti and immediately mix with the Rockford cheese and walnuts.

to read
Binge cooking with Hildegard. 170 RecipesMarie-France Delpach, photos by Sandra Mahat, Edition du Rocher, € 17.90.

to know
An enthusiastic herbalist and beekeeper, now a granddaughter of 11 grandchildren, Marie-France Delpach, along with her husband and children, leads Les Jardins de Sainte Hildegarde, a Benign Hildegard company, in Perigord’s space to acquire figurative plants and knowledge.
Saint Hildegarde Gardens in Coux-et-Bigaroque, LD Le Suquet. Like this. : 05 53 31 07 07.

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