What are the best Lebanese recipes?

What are the best Lebanese recipes?

Lebanon offers a wide variety of delicacies, delicacies and refined dishes in its large variety, enriched with new flavors over time.

The world-famous Lebanese cuisine is famous for its delicacies: humus, falafel, tabbouleh, eggplant caviar, spicy meats, stews, pistachios and pink pastries … but we do not know much about the exact recipes that every family puts together. The secret.

This is a recipe that has been discovered by the best-selling authors Andre Malow and Karim Hadar, and it is sometimes revisited and always easy. Lebanese food of yesterday and todaySend us about a hundred recipes here. Shrimp Flavor, Zatar Salad, Pumpkin Cabbage, Rice with Saffron, Cardamom and Rose, Scorpion Fish with Fun and Arak, Osmaliye with Milk Cream and Rose, Sahlab, Beans squash …

The experience of a passionate person is to discover the chef’s art, to make Lebanese food the best, the sweetest and the easiest, to make a real trip to the “land of cedar and honey”.

Andre Maalouf, 2015, Albin Michel editions

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