Why is this snack a big trend in 2022?

Why is this snack a big trend in 2022?

Thanks to Tiktok, 2021 will be a wonderful year. In fact, we have found many trends through the videos of many Internet users. From pasta to ricotta, rice and salmon to mayonnaise and chili, without forgetting the Dalgona coffee… an unstoppable success. Of course, many food trends may still surprise you in 2022. We have already seen a few recipes that talk about. One of the most recent? Pizza cones. A new way to eat pizza easily. Ideal for eating as an aperitif or on the go, invincible. Want to know more? That’s fine – this’ s the secret of all pizza cones. let go.

How to make pizza cones?

We found a new way to eat pizza. why ? In cones, like ice cream. Nothing could be easier than that, garnish with pizza dough, tomato paste, cheese and basil. It is your choice to decorate each cone with the ingredient of your choice. Then just heat the cones. Once you are clear, simply enjoy them. Accompany them with a little broth and salad. You can choose the size of your cones yourself: small as aperitif or large as a beginner or main course to eat. It is up to you to adjust the recipe as you wish. We only wish you good food!

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